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self de nurie



ogasun の描いているペン画には実は思いが込められています。自身の好きな文字を書いて、それを元にペン画を自由に描きます。そのできたペン画に色鉛筆やパステルやカラーペンなどなどを使って彩色し作品を仕上げます。




The pen drawings drawn by ogasun are actually thoughtful. Write your favorite characters and draw pen drawings based on them. Use colored pencils, pastel, color pens, etc. to color the resulting pen drawing to finish the work.

Why don't you make your favorite words and thoughts into a work?.Anyone can draw freely as they please.

I think it would be nice to draw a work based on the name of a loved one and make it a heartfelt commemorative gift.

softly water color



ogasun の描いている抽象画はいつも「 無心 」で描いています。その時の気分? 心の中を描いているようなものです。

よく抽象画は「 わからない? 」とか「 難しい! 」とかおっしゃる方がお見えになりますが、わからなくてもいいんです。音楽と同じで好きか嫌いで良いと思います。



The abstract paintings that ogasun draws are always "innocent." How do you feel at that time?.It's like drawing in your heart. People often say "I don't understand?" Or "Difficult!" For abstract paintings, but you don't have to. Like music, you can like it or hate it.

Sometimes it's good to draw a picture without any restrictions. Especially recommended for those who are tired of their hearts. t I will help you, so why not draw a work once? .

live study


ライヴ スタディ


最近のライヴでは「 うたって 」いるより「 お喋り 」している時間のが多いです(自身は楽しんでやらせてもらってますが・・)。それが「 おがさんスタイル 」なライヴ。



It's been 9 years since he started live again. In recent live performances, I spend more time "talking" than "singing" (although I enjoy myself). That is the "Ogasan style" live performance.

Techniques and skills are also required, but are they extra things including the heart part such as guitar, song and MC? Is also important.

I would like to help you with live performances that you can enjoy yourself. Are there any beginners who are stumbling on a live show? Recommended for such people.

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