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There are various works such as framed items and canvases, and although there are not many large works, I have a lot of points. We will exhibit those works according to the space. It also supports the rental of the work and can be exchanged regularly. I will listen to your request.

I can also display these works such as strips and half-cut works as installations. Images and music works using projectors and audio equipment can also be exhibited. I also accept consultations on coordination according to the exhibition space. ..

acoustic live





Ogasun sings solo with a single acoustic guitar. I am showing off various cover songs and original songs. If you request, I will visit you live.

If you have a few people, I can use live sound without a microphone, and if you have a small venue, I can use simple PA equipment.

healing time


ヒーリング タイム




A healing artist ogasun can heal you just by being there. You can also relax in the healing space created by combining artistic works, photographs, videos and music with those works. I also love listening to stories, so why don't you heal your daily fatigue?

Since ogasun have also mastered energy work, I can also heal such as adjusting the balance between body and mind. It is also possible remotely.

Super relaxing time!

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