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Ogasun is involved in a variety of activities, mainly art, and I have summarized them on this page. If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to contact us via email or SNS.

There is no problem in responding to each activity at my atelier, but when it comes to business trips, ogasun still has some eye problems, so I ask that you discuss this with us each time.

​ライヴ : live


アコースティックギターでのライヴパフォーマンスにお喋りタイムは小規模会場ならPAはあり無しで対応できます。( アコースティックギターでのライブはただいま休止中です!) PAだけでも対応可能の場合もあります。


For live performances with acoustic guitars and chat time, small venues can be accommodated with or without a PA. (Acoustic guitar concerts are currently on hold!) In some cases, it may be possible to use just the PA. You can also enjoy healing live performances with crystal bowls and carillon chai. I can do it in my atelier or on a business trip.

展示 : exhibition  



I own thousands of works, so we can display framed works, canvas works, and installations to suit your space. You can also display video and music works using a projector, and you can also configure the exhibition space by adding LED lights. We also rent works, and of course we also sell works.

ワークショップ : work shop




I mainly teach how to create abstract paintings using watercolors and Japanese paper. Perfect for releasing your mind and healing yourself. There are various art supplies such as watercolors, acrylics, ballpoint pens, and colored pencils. We also offer a variety of paper sizes, including Western paper, Japanese paper, and canvas. Also I can also teach you various ways to display your work and how to play the guitar live.

アトリエショップ : atelier shop


The works are sold at the atelier. Although we do not have any works on display, there are thousands of works waiting for you.

ウエブショップ : web shop


BONATHIA's website sells original goods, and you can purchase just one item.


イベント : ivent

art & live のイベント space L を企画運営しています。


I am planning and managing the art & live event space L

(currently suspended, please let us know if you have any requests). 

ヒーリング : healing


I have also learned energy work, so I am also a healer. We also accept consultations from people who want to improve the quality of their soul, so please let us know if you have any requests.

レンタルスペース : rental space おがさんはうす


The atelier has a rental space. Please use it for exhibitions and meetings.

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