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ogasunあれこれ About ogasun #25


This is a continuation of the previous audio component. I got a component when I became a university student, but I gradually updated it in about 2 years! It started.

まずはカセットデッキを同じTEACの C-3 に変更しました。音は良くなったのですが、調子がイマイチでさらに Nakamichi の 482 というカセットデッキに更新しました。このデッキは素晴らしい!音良いんですよ、とても!。何度か故障はしましたが音は気に入っていました。

スピーカーは評判の DIATONE のDS251を探していたのですが、さすがに生産終了から何年も経ってたので在庫は残ってなくて、同じ系統の DS-201 に変更しました。コンパクトな割にはバランスのよく鳴ってくれました。

アンプは LUXMAN の L-55A にグレードアップしました。このアンプの音も気に入っていて、一回修理しましたが結構長くて8年ほど使っていました。真空管アンプも検討したのですが、当時は高かったので、コスパを考えてこのアンプを選びました。


First, I changed the cassette deck to the same TEAC C-3. The sound improved, but the condition was not good enough, so I upgraded to Nakamichi's 482 cassette deck. This deck is great! The sound is so good! . It broke down a few times, but I liked the sound. As for the speaker, I was looking for the popular DIATONE DS251. It sounded well-balanced for its compact size. I upgraded the amplifier to LUXMAN L-55A. I also liked the sound of this amp, and after repairing it once, I used it for about 8 years. I also considered a tube amp, but it was expensive at the time, so I chose this amp for cost performance. At that time, I was a student, so I had a lot of time, so I went to an electric shop and listened to the sounds of various equipment from various manufacturers. When I listened to a lot of them, I came to understand the tone of each manufacturer. Any manufacturer's components, from cheap to expensive products, have their own tone, and the higher the price, the better the sound quality. Under such circumstances, I found that a product with a list price of over 100,000 yen would produce a good sound to some extent. This experience was very helpful in choosing products and sounds after that.

お写真はネットからお借りしました。ありがとうございます!。 I borrowed the photo from the internet. thank you! .


Nakamichi 482







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