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component! Even if you say, you don't know these days. In the old days, component stereo was popular, and I listened to music by choosing a player, amplifier, and speakers from a manufacturer that I liked and building a stereo system. The abbreviation for component stereo was called component. At that time, home appliance manufacturers, manufacturers that no longer exist, and various companies that are still working hard were producing products. When I became a university student, I was finally able to obtain the long-awaited compo. The system I bought after worrying about the problem at that time is as follows. Nostalgic, of course I didn't get it all at once, it took about a year and a half. The purchase price at the time was about 50,000 yen for the deck, amplifier, and player, and about 60,000 yen for the speakers, so the total cost was about 210,000 yen.I borrowed the photo from the internet. I was surprised to see pictures of old products! Did.

カセットデッキ Cassette deck TEAC A-410

プリメインアンプ integrated amplifier Victer JA-S41DC

レコードプレーヤー Record player DENON DP-50M

カートリッジ cartridge ELAC STS-255E→写真なし No photo

スピーカー speaker YAMAHA NS-L225





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