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ogasunあれこれ About ogasun #21


In my previous blog, I talked about ABBA's records, but it was the music of Koni Aba that first opened my eyes to World music. The next thing that woke me up was the music of Imasutsuru Music. Up until now, my mother had only listened to music with vocals in it, but this record opened my eyes to jazz and fusion, and it had a great influence on her subsequent musical tastes.


The album is Sadao Watanabe's California Shower. At that time, various songs were used in commercials, and it was music that I heard here and there. I immediately went to the record shop and bought it and listened to it. jazz! I felt like it was super difficult to understand, but I remember thinking that it was quite comfortable music at the time when fusion was just beginning to be popular.



Under such circumstances, it was Mr. Sadao Watanabe who was invited by a friend and paid for the first time to go to hear it. This ticket stub is still important to me. It was a seat far from the stage on the second floor, but I remember that the enthusiasm of the play was well felt. By the way, before this, when I was a student, there were various folk-type live events held by programs such as radio, and I sent a postcard and received an admission ticket by lottery, and went to see it several times. . I was grateful that I was able to see it for free because I had a sponsor.



Around the middle of college, I was playing folk music, and I always listened to western music, light rock music, fusion, and so on. It's so different! ! ? .





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