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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

ogasunあれこれ About ogasun #20


During my high school life, I was playing live all the time, until the school festival in November of my third year. Then study hard? I managed to slip into the university as a substitute. When I entered university, there was a folk song club called Noi, so I joined and regularly held live performances there.

そんな中で先輩がギターを変えるので前のギターを買わないかとお話をいただき、手に入れたのがこのギターなんです。モデルはアリアのドレッドノートのD-200 相当品です。なぜ相当品かというと、先輩が名古屋の松岡楽器に行って2級品を買ったとのことで、このギターは出荷されたものでは無いのでアリアのラベルがついていません。当時のカタログを持っているので比較するとD-200タイプとわかります。ですから製造年は不明!1975年あたりと思われます。音は大きくて良く鳴ります。音色はマーチンとは違うのですが結構煌びやかな素敵な音がしてきにいってます。社会人になった時にライヴはほぼやめたのですが、このギターだけは大事にしまっておたので今も持ってます。今では貴重な松岡楽器製の土pレッドノートギターです。

Under such circumstances, my senior asked me to buy the previous guitar because he was changing the guitar, and I got this guitar. The model is Aria's Dreadnought D-200 equivalent. The reason why it is equivalent is that my senior went to Matsuoka Gakki in Nagoya and bought a second grade product, and since this guitar was not shipped, it does not have an Aria label. I have a catalog from that time, so I can tell it's a D-200 type by comparison. The year of manufacture is unknown! Presumably around 1975. The sound is loud and sounds good. The timbre is different from Martin's, but I've been wanting to make a pretty gorgeous and wonderful sound. When I became a member of society, I almost stopped doing live performances, but I still have this guitar because I kept it in a safe place. It is now a precious Matsuoka Gakki made earthen red note guitar.





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