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ogasunあれこれ#9 About ogasun #9


I can't think of many memories of studying in junior high school.

部活は名前思い出せないんですが工作部??みたいなので、顧問の先生がアマチュア無線やってみえて電気工作もされるのでその影響もあって色々作りました。I can't remember the name of the club, but is it the craft club? ? It's kind of like that, so my adviser teacher is trying amateur radio and doing electrical work, so I made a lot of things because of that influence.

あの頃はトランジスタや抵抗、コンデンサーなどの部品は小さいのは安かったのでプリント基板のキットやアルミシャーシを買って加工して色々作ってたりしました。ICチップが出始めた頃でしたがICは高くて買えませんでしたが、ちょうど真空管のテレビがトランジスタのテレビに変わる時期で、電気屋さんに行って古いテレビを貰ってきて、ホースの水で埃を洗って綺麗にしてから真空管やソケット、抵抗やコンデンサーなどの部品を取り外して使ってました。あの頃の部品は丈夫だたんですね!。At that time, small parts such as transistors, resistors, and capacitors were cheap, so I bought printed circuit board kits and aluminum chassis and processed them to make various things. It was around the time when IC chips began to appear, but ICs were expensive and I couldn't buy them, but it was just about the time when vacuum tube TVs were changing to transistor TVs. After washing the dust and making it clean, I removed parts such as vacuum tubes, sockets, resistors and capacitors and used them. Those parts were in good shape back then! .

色々と作った覚えがあるのですが、なかなか作動しないんですよ。配線や真空管は確認できるんですが、その他はどこがいけないのか確認する手段がなくって、不動品ばっかり溜まったのを思い出します。そこからまた部品を取って次を作るみたいな無駄?な遊びでしたよね。I remember making various things, but it doesn't work easily. I was able to check the wiring and vacuum tubes, but I had no way of confirming what was wrong with the other parts, and I remember that I had a pile of real estate items. Is it wasteful to take parts from there and make the next one? It was a play, wasn't it?





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