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ogasunあれこれ#8 About ogasun #8

小学生の時のおがさんはプラモデル一色でしたが、中学にかけてはラジオに目覚めましたWhen ogasun was in elementary school, I was all about plastic models, but by middle school, I became interested in radios.。

FM-AICHI 開局やBCLブームの始まりごろのことです。確かお正月のお年玉を握り締め、近所の電気屋さんでは売ってないので、わざわざ電車に乗って30分はかかる刈谷市へ確か中央ムセンというお店だったと思います。買ったのはSONYのTHE-11D(モデル名ICF-1100D)というラジオでした。AMにFMにSWも聴けてFMトランシーバー機能もついていました。いくらで購入したかは覚えていませんが、定価は15500円だったようです。庭にアンテナを張ったりして遠くの放送局を受信しようと頑張ってました!。夜遅い方がよく電波が入るので結構夜更かしして多様な思い出があります。BCLブームの時は遠くの放送局を受信して、その内容を葉書に書いてその放送局に送ると受信証明としてベリーカードというハガキを送ってくれました。それを集めるのが楽しくて、一番遠いのは北海道の放送局だったのを覚えています。It was around the time FM-AICHI opened and the BCL boom started. If I remember correctly, I held New Year's gifts in my hands, and they weren't sold at the neighborhood electronics store, so I took the train to Kariya City, which took about 30 minutes, and I think it was a store called Chuo Musen. The radio I bought was SONY's THE-11D (model name: ICF-1100D). You can listen to AM, FM, and SW, and it also has an FM transceiver function. I don't remember how much I bought it for, but it seems that the list price was 15,500 yen. I put up an antenna in my garden and tried hard to receive distant stations! . I get a good signal late at night, so I stay up late and have a lot of memories. During the BCL boom, when I received a broadcast from a distant station, I wrote the content on a postcard and sent it to the station, and they sent me a postcard called a very card as proof of reception. It was fun to collect them, and I remember that the furthest one was a broadcasting station in Hokkaido.





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