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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

ogasunあれこれ#7 About ogasun #7

小学校の頃のおがさんは家に帰ってくるといつも自転車で遊びに出掛けてました。友達のとこや上のお宮さんなどなどへ行ってた覚えがあります。When I was in elementary school, ogasun always went out to play on my bicycle when I came home. I remember going to my friend's place and the kamino shrine.

小学校の時は自分のお小遣いはほぼプラモデルに消えてました。お小遣いもらうと模型やプラモデルを買ってきました。近所にいくつか模型や玩具屋さんとプラモデル置いてある八百屋?さんや文房具屋さんもありました。お店によって置いてある種類が違うので、興味があるものがありそうなお店に行っていました。When I was in elementary school, most of my pocket money was spent on plastic models. When I received my pocket money, I bought models and plastic models. A greengrocer with some model and toy shops and plastic models in the neighborhood? There was also a stationery shop. Different stores have different types, so I went to stores that seemed to have something I was interested in.

ジャンルは結構広くて、車に飛行機に戦車や船、キャラクターのメカものなどなどさまざまなプラモデルを作っていました。いろいろな物が身近に眺められて面白かったです。途中でモーターライズのプラモデルも色々出てきたのですが、なかなかモーターまでは買えず、電池も高かったのでスケールモデル止まりでした。たしかマブチの水中ーモーターってのもありましたよね!これは手に入れってお風呂でよく遊んでました。塗料も買えなかったので、塗装せずに組み立てデカール貼るだけでるだけで満足してました。The genre is quite wide, and I made various plastic models such as cars, airplanes, tanks, ships, and mecha characters. It was interesting to see so many things up close. There were various motorized plastic models along the way, but it was difficult to buy a motor, and the batteries were expensive, so I stopped at scale models. If I remember correctly, there was also Mabuchi's underwater motor! I got this and played a lot in the bath. I couldn't even buy paint, so I was satisfied just by putting decals on the assembly without painting.


皆さまの昔はいかがでしたか?There were many plastic model manufacturers such as Tamiya, Aoshima, Imai, and Hasegawa. Tamiya was assembled the most click and accuracy was good. During the New Year, I tried to make a slightly larger plastic model for New Year's money, but I have memories of not being able to complete it because I lacked the skills. Most of the glue came with a tube of Cemedine. How was your past?





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