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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

ogasunあれこれ#6 About ogasun #6


What kind of child were ogasun in elementary school? I will tell you the fragments that I can remember.

成績は普通??だったかな?通知表は5段階評価で2、3、4あたりの成績でした。得意不得意うや好き嫌いはあまりなかったような気がします。Are my grades normal? ? I wonder if it was? The report cards were grades around 2, 3, and 4 on a 5-point scale. I don't think I had much likes and dislikes.

体育は苦手というより上手じゃなかったので、例えば飛び箱とかあまり飛べなかったので、下手くそな方の見本にされました。だから自分自身では上手い人とはどう違うのかわからず、先生は高く飛べ!と言うだけでどうしたら高く飛べるのかは教えてもえらず、結局あまり飛べませんでした。運動会での徒競走なんかは、いつもドベ1か2番でした。あまり練習して上手くなろうというふうではなかったようです。I wasn't good at physical education, rather than good at it. That's why I don't know how I'm different from someone who is good at it, so the teacher should fly high! I couldn't tell you how to fly high just by saying that, so in the end I couldn't fly very well. I was always 1st or 2nd in foot races at athletic meet. It didn't seem like he was trying to get better by practicing too much.


図工は、絵を描くのは嫌いじゃないんですが、写生の時は描きう対象物を決めるのが遅くて、いつも時間切れで描いていたのを思い出します。絵の裏にはいつも先生が「もっとよく見て描きなさい!」って批評が書いてあって、どこをよく見るのかが書いてないんでどうすれば良いかわかんなかったです。As for music, I don't dislike it either, but it was embarrassing when I was suddenly put in front and made to sing in a small group, even though I hadn't even practiced. However, when I was 5 or 6 years old, why? ? I was selected as a member of the memory chorus competition. As an arts and craftsman, I don't dislike drawing pictures, but when I was sketching, I was slow to decide what to draw, and I remember that I always ran out of time to draw. On the back of the painting, the teacher always wrote a criticism saying, "Look more carefully and draw!"


また、通知表のコメント欄には、先生が「意固地になっている」ってよく書いてありました。多分、自分が納得がいかないと動かない時があったので、その事を言っているのかな?と思いました。素直じゃなかったんです、きっと!?昔から皆んなより浮いてたんだと思います。The way I am now enjoying art such as music and painting is very different from the way I was in the past. Also, in the comment section of the report card, I often wrote that the teacher was "stubborn". Perhaps, there was a time when I couldn't move unless I was convinced, so I wonder if that's what I'm talking about? I thought. I wasn't honest, I'm sure! ? I think I've always stood out from the crowd.





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