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ogasunあれこれ#5 About ogasun #5


I talked about TV before, but this time I will continue.


I like the early Ultra series the most? I was watching Ultra Q, Ultraman, and Ultra Seven in real life. Among them, the most important is Ultra Seven, by far. The setting and design were epoch-making at that time. I remember drawing everything on Ultra Monster Won Court. One book and a little bit, but I don't have it at hand because it was taken by the kid general at the time. I also liked Mighty Jack, which was broadcast at the same time as Seven. I also love Thunderbird, which was broadcast on NHK. I also liked the mysterious saucer UFO in the same British drama. Is the American drama about the nuclear submarine Shuby or Napoleon Solo? I also liked spy things.


After that, I often watched the movie 〇〇Roadshow, which was broadcast from 9 o'clock on a different TV station almost every day. I don't remember much of the title. There was also a song program and a standard drifter approval meeting. When I entered junior high school, I started to spend more time in my room, and the TV was gone. I didn't watch much when I was in high school, and there was no TV in my boarding house when I was in college.


Recently, due to the NHK problem, I stopped watching broadcasts such as terrestrial digital, BS, and CS. I have a TV, but I don't have an antenna connected. I connect AppleTV and live exclusively on YouTube.





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