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ogasunあれこれ#4 About ogasun #4

結構劇的な小学校生活の始まり。(ちと暗いお話ですので気になる方のみお読みください)The beginning of a pretty dramatic elementary school life.(It's a bit dark story, so please read only if you're interested.)


As soon as I entered elementary school, there was an excursion in April. When I came back from the excursion, an uncle of a relative came to pick me up at school. Yes, it was said that the birth mother who had been sick for a long time was not sick. And that day was the anniversary of his death, and strangely enough, it was my father's birthday. He died in the main building of the house (atelier) where he is currently living. She had been sick ever since she gave birth to me, and by that time she had almost no money left.

あの頃のお葬式は今みたいに葬祭殿やお寺じゃなくて自宅でするものでした。家にはたくさんの方が集まってきて、私は母の死をよく理解していなかったのか、人が沢山いて嬉しかったのを覚えています。祭壇の後ろで寝たっけ。火葬場で焼かれて出てきた母親の骨は飲んでた薬の影響でしょうか小さくてボロボロでした。親父が一言「 こんなになっちゃったがやい 」、って言ったのを鮮明に覚えています。今だと少しは親父の気持ちがわかるような気がします。

In those days, funerals were held at home, not in funeral halls or temples as they are now. Many people gathered at my house, and I remember being happy that there were so many people, perhaps because I didn't understand my mother's death very well. Did you sleep behind the altar? The mother's bones that came out after being burned at the crematorium were small and tattered, probably because of the medicine she was taking. I vividly remember my father saying, "It's been so long." Now I feel like I can understand my father's feelings a little more.




After a while, the adoptive mother came to the house. And then the story continues. If you are interested, please like it.

The photo is the main building of the atelier (parents' house).





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