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ogasunあれこれ#3 About ogasun #3

昔々 確か多分一年間は幼稚園に行ってた記憶があります。

Once upon a time, I remember probably going to kindergarten for a year.




I remember it being a momo group. Perhaps because my birth mother was in bed, Momo-sensei was very kind to me and treated me well. Thank you. I don't have many memories of playing or playing games, but there were many pictures of jet fighters, ships, tanks, etc. What were you thinking? . The only thing I remember well is what happened at my favorite snack time. On that day, it was like a chocolate-covered biscuit. I always have them handed out in cups and say "Itadakimasu!" after everyone is ready. Why? ? I immediately put one of the sweets that was handed out into my mouth! Flying. Oops! Even if I realized that, I couldn't say it out of my mouth, so I waited quietly for "Itadakimasu" and somehow managed to hide it. It's a very embarrassing memory.





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