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ogasunあれこれ About ogasun #18



When I entered high school, my mother picked up a Morris folk guitar (in the old days, it was called this instead of an acoustic guitar). I don't remember how long I used to play every day, but what! I bought a new guitar in November of the following year.

次のギターはアリアのギャラガーモデル「 G400 」にしました。多分、少し普通とは変わった形のギターが欲しかったんだと思います。今度は今はもう無いんですが岡崎の「 サウンドイン大衆堂 」という楽器店に行って購入しました。もちろん形と音と弾きやすさと予算で悩みに悩んで買った覚えがあります。価格は4万円で値引きはなかったのかな?ギターケースも千円で購入しています。こんなギターで、ヤフオクなんかでも時々売られてるんですね。カタログ出てきたのでこちらをアップします。

The next guitar was Aria's Gallagher model "G400". I think I probably wanted a guitar with a slightly unusual shape. This time, I don't have it anymore, but I went to a musical instrument store called "Sound in Taishudo" in Okazaki and bought it. Of course, I remember worrying about the shape, sound, ease of playing, and budget before buying it. Was the price 40,000 yen and there was no discount? I also bought a guitar case for 1,000 yen.This kind of guitar is sometimes sold on Yahoo auctions.The catalog is out, so I'm going to upload it here.

前のモーリスのギターは、確か新聞かなんかの売りますコーナーに掲載してもらい。次の方へお届けしました。今はどうしているんだろう?。このアリアのギターは大学生の途中目で使いました。The previous Morris guitar was posted in the sales section of a newspaper if I remember correctly. I sent it to the next person. what are you doing now? . I used this Aria guitar in the middle of college.





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