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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

ogasunあれこれ#12 About ogasun #12

無事に公立高校を受かり速攻にギターを買いに行きました。I passed the public high school safely and went to buy a guitar in haste.


そして、購入したギターはモーリスのFD-15でした。スーパースターに憧れたのかもしれません??。たしか定価で15000円を少しまけてもらって13800円で購入しました。あまり記憶はないのですが、カポとかピックは付けてもらったのかな?とりあえずアコースティックギター(当時はフォークギターと言ってました)をやっとの事で手に入れて猛練習?して地獄の高校生活が始まりました。A musical instrument store in Nagoya has a large number of guitars in stock, so I went all the way to Nagoya. Was it near Nagoya station? It was the now-defunct “Esmy.” At that time, Yamaha, Morris, and Aria were competing with each other, and I think there were a lot of them in stock. And the guitar I bought was a Morris FD-15. Maybe you dreamed of becoming a superstar? ? . If I recall correctly, I got a little discount on the regular price of 15,000 yen and bought it for 13,800 yen. I don't remember much, but did you have a capo or a pick? For the time being, I finally got an acoustic guitar (called a folk guitar at the time) and practiced hard? Then the high school life of hell began.





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