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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

ogasunあれこれ#1 About ogasun #1

ogasun の昔々のお話しをば、気ままに書いてみます。

I will write freely about ogasun's old story.

実家での昔々のお話し。An old story at home.

白黒テレビは近所でも一番に購入したみたいです。でもカラーテレビに変えたのは近所でも一番遅かったようです。昔はそれぞれの家の屋根の上にテレビ用のアンテナを立てていて、白黒テレビとカラーテレビのアンテナは違うのでカラーテレビに変わるとすぐわかりました。一番古いテレビの番組の記憶は‥ 多分「ひょっこりひょうたん島」かな?。



It seems that the black-and-white TV was purchased first in the neighborhood. But it seems that I was the slowest in the neighborhood to change to color TV. In the old days, each house had a TV antenna on the roof, and since the black-and-white and color TV antennas are different, I knew right away that it was going to be a color TV. My earliest memory of a TV program is... Maybe "Hyokkori Hyotan Island"? . I watched a lot of anime and dramas, such as Astro Boy, Super Jetter, Tetsujin 28, Eightman, Sally, Oba Q, and many more. I don't remember, but there were a lot of things. How have you all been? . So, people often say that since you were little, you've been watching TV all the time, and that's why your eyesight got worse! So, is that so?





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