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APOGEE duet 2 & 3

APOGEE duet ? 知らない方は根にか解らないかと思いますが、パソコン用のインターフェースです。まだ解らない??この機械は音楽などをやってる方がマイクやピックアップ付きの楽器などを繋いで音をデジタルに変換してパソコンに送るための機械です。

写真の右が duet2 2014年に手にいれ、その時にマイクとマイクスタンドなど揃え、時々ギターを弾いて音源を録っていました。昔々の学生の頃はライヴ時はカセットテープに録音してて今でもその時のカセットテープは持っています。再びライヴ始めてからは全く録音していないので、いつかは音源を残しておこうと思って始めました。

APOGEE duet? If you don't know it, it's an interface for personal computers. Still not sure? ?? This machine is a machine for musicians to connect a microphone or an instrument with a pickup, convert the sound to digital, and send it to a personal computer.The right side of the photo is duet2. I got it in 2014, and at that time I had a microphone and a microphone stand, and sometimes I played the guitar to record the sound source. When I was a student, I used to record on cassette tapes during live performances, and I still have the cassette tapes at that time. I haven't recorded at all since I started the live again, so I started thinking about keeping the sound source someday.



In the meantime, the world has become more and more popular in the form of movies with videos such as YouTube. I used to shoot movies with a lot of webcams, but it didn't go well and I have only posted one on the website. In addition, I haven't played the guitar for a while, so I restarted on the last blog! For the time being, it continues.

そんな時にネットで duet 3 を見つけコントロールソフトが使いやすそうだし、ちょうどコンデンサーマイクプレゼントのパッケージがあったので、ついつい手に入れてしまいました。ハードもソフトも使いやすそうなのでこれかから使い込んでいきたいと思ってます。

YouTubeとこのwebsite になんとかライヴ演奏の動画をアップしたい!と何度か目の決意??してます。ただギターとうたのブランクが‥ 指先痛いし声出ないしハードル高いかhな?期待しないでくださいね。

At that time, I found duet 3 on the net and it seems that the control software is easy to use, and I just got a condenser microphone gift package, so I just got it. Both hardware and software seem to be easy to use, so I would like to start using them from now on.I want to upload a video of the live performance on YouTube and this website! And the determination of the eyes several times? ?? be doing. However, the blank of the guitar and the song ... It hurts my fingertips, I can't make a voice, and the hurdles are high? Don't expect it.





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