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7年ぶりに! For the first time in 7 years!



I have renewed my glasses for the first time in 7 years. Above are the new glasses. The previous glasses didn't fit my contact lenses as I expected in 2014, and I made them when I was in a bad condition. This is my first pair of glasses in 47 years.


I haven't been able to wear contact lenses so much because of my poor eyesight, so I took the plunge and renewed my glasses because I don't have any spares. With the naked eye, both eyes are 0.01 and keratoconus. Even if I wear glasses, I can only see about 0.1 for the left eye and about 0.4 for the right eye this time. In addition, the statue is doubled so it doesn't look perfect. Well, it can't be helped.If I read a newspaper with the naked eye, I can't see it unless I bring it close to about 5 cm, but if I wear glasses, I can read it at a distance of about 20 cm, and I can manage to use a computer. Thank you for seeing more.



Last time, I remember going around mass retailers and managed to make it at the third store. Since myopia is strong, it was difficult for me to support a fairly thick lens. This time, I couldn't go to a distant eyeglass shop, so I asked an eyeglass shop in a nearby town that I could walk to. It is a shop that my parents have taken care of for a long time. I'm grateful that you remembered that the relationship was connected again. Your eyes are important too.





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