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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

過去最高! Best ever!

過去10年で最強の寒波という事で、電気代も見事に記録更新しました。The electricity bill has broken the record beautifully because it was the strongest cold wave in the past 10 years.

なんと1日 518円!!過去の私の記憶では確か450円ぐらいが最高でしたので大幅更新となりました。今朝のアトリエの車庫の気温はなんとマイナス2度でした。いつも寝てる部屋は3度強で、他の部屋は2度前後でした。いつも寝てる部屋は食事もしている部屋なので昨夜の19時ぐらいまではエアコンつけてましたが18度ぐらいまでしか上がらず。その後エアコンは切ってしまって寝るんですが、こんなに気温が下がるなんてびっくりです。。布団に入っていれば暖かいので良いんですが、起きると着替えるまでが寒くって!目が覚めてしまいます。皆さまは大丈夫でしたか?。518 yen a day! ! In my memory in the past, it was about 450 yen, so it was a big update. The temperature in the garage of the atelier this morning was minus 2 degrees. The room where I always sleep was a little over 3 degrees, and the other rooms were around 2 degrees. The room where I usually sleep is where I eat, so I had the air conditioner on until about 19:00 last night, but it only went up to about 18 degrees. After that, I turned off the air conditioner and went to sleep, but I was surprised that the temperature dropped so much. . It's okay if you're in the futon because it's warm, but when you wake up, it's cold until you change your clothes! I wake up. Are you all okay? .

昨日はエアコンをほぼ1日つけっぱなしでしたので、気温が低いのもあって記録更新でした。Yesterday, I left the air conditioner on for almost the whole day, so the temperature was low, so it was a record breaker.

アトリエの庭にはまだ雪が残ってました。There was still snow left in the atelier garden.





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