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途中経過! Halfway through!


ちょうど1ヶ月前の10月16日に SNS に個展の情報をアップしました。詳細はこのウェブサイトの solo exhibition おがさん個展 ページにありますのでご覧ください。

I would like to inform you about the preparation status for the solo exhibition. Exactly one month ago, on October 16th, I posted information about my solo exhibition on SNS. For details, please see the solo exhibition Ogasan solo exhibition page of this website.


It's been a little over 10 years since I started painting for this solo exhibition, so I'll be presenting a selection of works from my early days to the present. Rather than exhibiting recent installations, we will be exhibiting framed works and canvas works. The titles and production dates are attached to the works, so it may be interesting to watch them carefully. So far, I have picked up about 10 items. In the end, I plan to choose around 30 points.

今回のDM用の作品は2017年に描いた下の作品です。タイトルは「 らぶ・アース 」そう!最近のコンセプトの「 love earth 」と同じなんです。このコンセプトは2020年ぐらいからずっと今も続けているんですが、改めて見直すとここに原点があったんですね!と自分でも再発見しました。ちなみにこのウェブサイトのメインのトップページにもこの作品を使ってます。F20のキャンバスに珍しく水彩で描いています。是非とも樹庵さんで時間作品をご覧になって観てください。お待ちしています。

The work for this DM is the one below that I drew in 2017. The title is “Love Earth”! It's the same as the recent concept of "love earth." I've been working on this concept ever since around 2020, but when I look back on it, I see that this is where it all started! I rediscovered it myself. By the way, this work is also used on the main top page of this website. Unusual watercolor painting on F20 canvas. Please be sure to check out the time works at Juan. We look forward to.





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