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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

言ってみるもの! What to say!


This is a photo of the west exit of the parking lot of Hekinan City Seaside Park, which is the place I usually go for walking. Walk across the white stop line from left to right.


Many cars pass through the parking lot of the park during the morning commuting time, probably to avoid traffic jams in the surrounding area. The exit from the parking lot to the road at that time is here! , Everyone in the car is in a hurry, so it doesn't stop at the stop line, it sticks out to the sidewalk and stops. I'm also careful, but sometimes I'm about to hit. Previously, there was no sign and the white line was disappearing, so I emailed the dangerous reason to the website of Hekinan City. When I responded to something, I received an email reply, and after a while, I redrawn the white line and set up a pause sign. I'll tell you! Thank you for your support. Thank you.


When driving by car, please be sure to stop before the temporary stop, and there may be pedestrians and bicycles that you cannot see. May you always drive safely.





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