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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

見えてないけど?歩いてる! I can't see it? walking!


As usual, he has poor eyesight and can't wear contact lenses very much.

ウォーキングの時は仕方なしで裸眼で歩いています。昔視力測定した時は確か? 0.01 と 0.02 だった記憶です。近視強いのと、おまけに円錐角膜と言う乱視なので、点光源を見ると右は楕円に左は半円形にdダブって見えます。


When walking, I have no choice but to walk with the naked eye. Are you sure when you measured your eyesight a long time ago? I remember it was 0.01 and 0.02. Myopia is strong and keratoconus is an astigmatism, so when you look at a point light source, you can see an ellipse on the right and a semicircle on the left. There are 2 places x 2 times when you cross the road in the middle of the usual road, and there are steps and irregularities on the road, but if you are careful, you can manage to walk even in such a state.


Therefore, I don't know the faces of people who pass each other on the way, so I'm sorry if I'm sorry. At that time, please give your name, thank you.





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