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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

複雑? complicated?



昨日まではいろんな立候補者の宣伝カーが 毎日 何度も何度も回ってきます。


しかし選挙の投票日前にはあんなに何回も市内を巡って各所で演説などしている立候補者の方をお見かけするんですが、一旦 選挙が終わってしまうと、当選した市長や市会議員の方に会う機会ははもうないんですよね、 多分ずっとね‥  次の選挙まで??

なんか複雑な気持ちです‥ 皆様はどう感じられますか?。

Today, Sunday, is the voting day for Hekinan City's mayoral and city council elections. I already voted correctly.

Until yesterday, the advertising cars of various candidates were circling over and over again every day. Everyone looks like they're working hard, but some of them are making a lot of noise. ? Sometimes I feel that way. Oga-san is stuck in his studio most of the day, so it's quite difficult, but he's a little relieved now that the election is over.

However, before the voting day of the election, I see candidates traveling around the city many times giving speeches at various places, but once the election is over, the elected mayor and city council members I won't have a chance to meet him again, probably forever... until the next election? ? I have mixed feelings... How do you feel? .





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