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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

皆さまも気おつけて! Everyone be careful!

それは今朝の出来事です。That happened this morning.

いつものように新聞を読んでいると、なんか?外で音がしたようなきがしました。しかし寒いのでエアコン全開!でうるさいし、向かいの倉庫では朝からリフトがブーブー走り回ってガチャガチャしててこちらも結構うるさいんで、そちらの関係の音だろうと思ってました。When I read the newspaper as usual, what do you think? I felt like I heard a noise outside. But it's cold, so the air conditioner is full! It's noisy, and in the warehouse across the street, the lift is running around and clattering from the morning, and it's pretty noisy, so I thought it was related to that sound.

ところが、暫くすると救急車と消防のサイレンが聞こえてきてすぐ近くで止まりました。なにっ??と思い外をみてみました。アトリエの車庫の前に車がと止まってて、その後ろに自転車が倒れてて、倒れている人に救急隊の方が何人も来て手当てを始めたところでした。However, after a while, we heard the sirens of an ambulance and fire department and stopped nearby. What? ? I looked at it unexpectedly. A car was parked in front of the atelier garage, and behind it was a fallen bicycle.

そう!、事故だったんです。先ほど聞いた音は車が自転車を引きずった音だったみたいです。こんな身近で事故があるなんて信じられませんよね。倒れてた方がどうか無事であますように、と皆さまも十分に、いや十二分に注意と用心してくださいね。yes! It was an accident. It seems that the sound I heard earlier was the sound of a car dragging a bicycle. It's hard to believe that an accident could happen so close to you. I hope that those who fell down are safe, so please be careful and cautious enough, no, more than enough.





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