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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

異常が普通に?  Is the abnormality normal?


私の心はいつも「 love earth 」 皆さまがもっと地球を愛し大切にして地球全てが幸せになる事を祈りつついろいろと活動してます。

太陽の光や時間は誰しも平等に受け取っていられるのに皆さまに起こる試練は様々なんですよね。大変な思いをされてる方に少しでも癒しの気持ちを届けられたらなぁ? と日々願っています。私からの微々たる力が少しでも皆さまのお力になりますように。


In the recent world, heavy rains floods, intense heats wildfires, and COVID is a disaster? ?? Did My heart is always "love earth" I am doing various activities while praying that everyone will love and cherish the earth more and make the whole earth happy. Everyone receives the sunlight and time equally, but there are various challenges that occur to you. I wish I could deliver a feeling of healing to those who are having a hard time. I hope every day. May the slightest power from me help you as much as possible. Thank you for reading.





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