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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

生きている神秘!? Living mystery! ??



Originally, I eat two meals a day. Yes, I only eat in the morning and at night. For some reason, I haven't eaten much meat or seafood since the beginning of this year. So is the egg.

さらに先月末ぐらいからは、も少し食生活変えたいと思い、いろいろ試して見てます。Furthermore, from the end of last month, I would like to change my eating habits a little, so I'm trying various things.


First of all, I tried gluten-free, which does not eat wheat, for the first time. Wheat is contained in quite a lot of foods, what happens at first? I thought, but it's surprisingly managed. The second is that I don't drink milk. This isn't too much of a problem, I don't eat much dairy products. The third is trying not to take umami seasonings. This is also widely contained in various foods. Recently, I often check the raw material label and buy it.



Why do you continue to live like that? The tap water that I used to drink is not delicious It has become. So, I bought the water purifier in this photo and was surprised that it was quite different.


Even in such a state, it is "alive" and "mysterious!" For now. It's strange for me.





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