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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

現代版?鏡開き! Modern version? Kagamibiraki!


昔、親が生きている頃は暮れになると実家(このアトリエ)に皆が集まって餅つきをしていました。「 つく 」と言っても我が家は餅つき機でしたので正確にはこねるですかね?。何臼かついて、のし餅や鏡餅、あんころ餅などを作って、残りは醤油やきな粉をつけて食べたりしていました。意外にもおがさんは鏡餅とあんころ餅を作るのは得意でして、なかなかいい形に仕上げていましたよ。変なところでアーティストかも?。そんな懐かしい思い出ですが、皆さまのところはいかがでしたか?。

January 11th is Kagamibiraki. As many people do, the mirror in our house is finished with this. For the time being, when I open it and look at it, I feel that the package costs more than the rice cake. Most of it is garbage! ! I buy it because it is easy, but I have a very complicated feeling. In the old days, when my parents were alive, everyone used to gather at my parents' house (this atelier) to pound rice cakes at nightfall. Even if I say "tsuku", my family used a mochi-making machine, so do you really knead it? . We used a few mortars to make noshi mochi, kagami mochi, ankoro mochi, etc., and ate the rest with soy sauce or soybean flour. Surprisingly, my mother is good at making kagami-mochi and ankoro-mochi, and she turned them into pretty good shapes. Maybe an artist in a strange place? . It's such a nostalgic memory, but how was everyone's place? .





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