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準備開始! Preparation start!





Starting November 16th next month, I will be holding a solo exhibition at Juan in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture. I thought it was time to start, so I came up with a rough plan and created a DM. This time, I would like to select and exhibit a few carefully selected pieces from the group of works I have created from my early days until recently. I've been drawing it from time to time, probably around 2011, and have been recording it in an archive since around 2012. There are over 4,000 works recorded, and there are many works that are not recorded. I took a quick look at the remaining works, and the ones I picked out are shown in the photo. This time I'm planning to only use the framed works, so I'll be preparing them by staring at the frames and the works. I have created a solo exhibition page on this website, so please check there for details. If you have time, please come and visit us. Thank you.





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