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気になって!  I'm curious!

なんとなく‥ ずっと気になっていて、Koshi Chime コシ・チャイム を思い切って購入してしまいました。昨日の午前中に注文したら今日の10時過ぎには手元にきました。

早い!。しかも4種類あるのを揃えてしまいました。( o という文字の中の色が違います)




もう一つ、ザフィアチャイムというのがあって、どちらも今はないシャンティチャイムという類似品をルーツにした商品なんだそうです。両社ともフランスのピレネー山脈周辺に工房があります。そうMade in France なんですよね。多分こちらも手に入れてしまうのかな?。

Somehow ... I've been worried about it for a long time, so I took the plunge and bought Koshi Chime. I ordered it yesterday morning and it came to me after 10 o'clock today. quick! .. Moreover, I have prepared 4 types.(The color inside the letter o is different) I listened to the sound many times with the sound source of the web, and I liked the comfortable tone. However, the raw sound is different! It's the same as an instrument, but the sound is completely different! .. There are 4 types, each of which plays a mysterious sound. I will be healed for a while. There is another product called Zaffia Chime, both of which have roots in a similar product called Shanti Chime, which is no longer available. Both companies have workshops around the French Pyrenees. That's right, Made in France. Maybe I'll get this too? ..(





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