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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

最初と おそらく最後! First and probably last!

ogasunあれこれ About ogasun #27

今回からタイトルを付け少し書き方を変更します。From this time, I will add a title and change the writing style a little.

アトリエ整理してたら最初の愛車の写真が出てきました。社会人になって通勤用に初めて購入した車です。もう一枚の写真は今の愛車、もう10年前になりますがディーラーで撮っていただいた納車時の写真です。今回は愛車の遍歴をいろいろつぶやいでみます。When I was sorting out my atelier, I came across a photo of my first favorite car. This is the first car I bought for commuting as a member of society. The other photo is my current car, which was taken at the dealer about 10 years ago when it was delivered. This time, I will try to tweet various things about the history of my favorite car.

最初の愛車は「TOYOTA 1300 スターレット」です。初めての車なので、自動車雑誌読むあさりきめました。有名メーカー製でコンパクトで燃費も良くお手頃価格の車ということで決めました。確か2年とそこ史落ちの中古車でした。もちろんマニュアル車です。嬉しくってあちこち出かけたものです。2年半ほど乗ったんですがシートが合わず、劣化も激しくて次は新車を買うことにしました。The first favorite car is "TOYOTA 1300 Starlet". It's my first car, so I decided to read car magazines. I chose this car because it is made by a famous manufacturer, is compact, has good fuel efficiency, and is reasonably priced. I'm sure it was a used car with a history of 2 years. Of course it's a manual car. I was so happy that I went out here and there. I rode it for about two and a half years, but the seat didn't fit and the deterioration was severe, so I decided to buy a new car next time.

おがさんの場合、この後は大体7から8年で10万キロ前後のって次の車に新車で乗り換えています。いすゞのジェミニ2台にホンダのステップワゴン2台に、そして今のフィットです。あまり色々な車には乗ってないんです。In the case of ogasun, after this, she changes to a new car after driving around 100,000 km in about 7 to 8 years. Two Isuzu Gemini, two Honda StepWgn, and the current Fit. I don't drive many different cars.


トヨタ・スターレット1300S KP61 3ドアハッチバック


ジェミニ 1,800 cc ディーゼルターボ車 PFD60型 LS セダン



FFジェミニ 1.5 Lディーゼルターボ車 JT600型 セダン

コンパクトでとても良く回るエンジンには関心、燃費も抜群でした。 ホンダ

初代ステップワゴン RF1


3代目ステップワゴン RG1  G 


フィット ハイブリッド RS GP1/4型 IMAシステム 6速マニュアル 5ドアハッチバック




Toyota Toyota Starlet 1300S KP61 3 door hatchback

Isuzu Gemini 1,800 cc diesel turbo PFD60 LS sedan It's a solid and good car, it has low speed torque and is easy to ride. At that time, gasoline was around 100 yen, and diezel was more than half the

price of gasoline. FF Gemini 1.5 L diesel turbo car (JT600 type) sedan I was interested in the compact and very well-running engine, and the fuel

efficiency was outstanding.

Honda First generation Stepwagon RF1 I got it because I wanted a double sunroof. It was a simple and very nice car. 3rd generation Stepwagon RG1 G I liked the wooden floor. Much more luxurious than the first generation. Fit hybrid RSGP 1/4 type IMA system 6-speed manual 5 door hatchback My current favorite car. Purchased in the final lot because I wanted to ride a

manual again.It's a good fuel economy car that runs well. Although it is a manual,

it has auto cruise for idling stop.

I plan to ride it a little longer, so it will probably be my last car.





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