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更新! Change!

携帯電話の端末を更新しました!。当然のことに iPhone です。iPhoneは6s,SE2と使い今回は15へと変えてみました。パソコンはMacBookProを使っているんですが、携帯電話にはあまり高スペックは要求していません。



USB-C の件もあり最新機種にしようとスペックと価格を確認すると!高いんですね!!さすがにProは高過ぎで諦めて15 にすることに決めました。

購入はapple にて、注文した次の日には到着しました。


さすが apple 高級感あり所有欲満たされます。サイズと重さは少し大きくなっているんですがあまり気になりません。動作スピードはSE2を使っている時は気にならなかったのですが、15 の方がずっとサクサク動きますね!快適です。使い勝手でどうかな?と気になっていた Face ID も問題なくでき一安心しました。マスクにサングラスでも認識は大丈夫なんですね!感心しましたよ。

I have updated my mobile phone device! . Of course it's an iPhone. I use iPhone 6s, SE2 and this time I changed it to 15. I use a MacBookPro as my computer, but I don't require very high specs from my mobile phone. I used the 6s for a little over 5 years after replacing the battery once, but I remember that the battery deteriorated rather quickly after the replacement. The battery life of SE2 started to deteriorate a little after 3 years, but I decided to change the model without replacing the battery. Which model should I choose? The specs for SE3 are questionable and it's already been 2 years since its release. When I looked it up on the internet, there seemed to be a lot of information predicting the next SE4? from next year onwards. Due to the issue of USB-C, I decided to check the specs and price for the latest model! That's expensive! ! As expected, the Pro was too expensive so I gave up and decided to go with the 15.I purchased it from Apple and it arrived the day after I ordered it.

I successfully completed the data and SIM transfer and started using it right away.

As expected from Apple, it has a luxurious feel and satisfies the desire to own it. The size and weight are a little larger, but it doesn't really bother me. I didn't notice the movement speed when using SE2, but 15 moves much more quickly! It's comfortable. Is it easy to use? I was relieved that Face ID, which I was worried about, worked without any problems. Even with a mask and sunglasses, recognition is fine! I was impressed.





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