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日課! Routine!


I do walking as part of my daily routine




When it's not raining and I have nothing else to do, I try to walk every day. There is a park nearby that is just right for walking, so I use it. My current pattern is to walk from my atelier to the park in about 5 minutes, then walk from there to Shinkawa Port via Ohama Fishing Port and then return to my atelier. The distance is around 5.5km, and the number of steps is about 7500-8000. I used to walk a little longer, but now I do this much. It always takes a little over an hour, so maybe it's a little faster than normal people? . I am very happy to be able to feel various things with my five senses, such as the change of seasons, the difference in temperature, the chirping of birds, the sound and noise of cars, the sound and scent of the wind, and the whispering of trees. However, when the temperature is low and the wind is strong, it is a bit painful. It's always not good at the beginning of walking, but when you walk a little, you'll feel better. Sometimes I enjoy taking pictures that interest me. The photo is the Ao-no-yama observatory rest area in Hekinan Rinkai Park.





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