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故障! malfunction!

ここ10年ほどMacBook Proを使っていて、今使用しているMac で3台目です。

I've been using a MacBook Pro for about 10 years now, and this is my third Mac.

先日、Macの電源を入れたら???? MagSafeのランプがオレンジ色で点滅している!、Mac 使っている方は絵わかっているかもしれませんが、普段はオレンジ色かグリーンで点灯したままなんです。点滅?ネットで調べると充電不良との事、確認してみると、そう充電してないぞ!。初めてのMacの故障を体験しました。

I turned on my Mac the other day? ? ? ? "The MagSafe lamp is flashing orange!" , Mac users may know the picture, but usually it stays lit in orange or green. Blink? When I checked it on the internet, it said that it was not charging properly, but when I checked it, it wasn't charging! . I experienced my first Mac failure.


When I took it to the shop, they checked the main unit, and I was relieved that there was no abnormality. So, when I checked it out, it was a bad magsafe cable! was. The store clerk told me that there was quite a bit of MagSafe cable failure. Fortunately, it hasn't been a year since I bought it, so I ended up exchanging the warranty. good.


By the way, I use the second iPad and iPhone for the iPad, but they are also used without defects. Well, apple products are excellent, and as expected, the battery has been replaced at the end of its life.





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