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故障!→修理完了 malfunction!→ Repair completed


いつも使っているApple Pencil が故障!充電できなくなりました。2020年の1月に購入したので2年半の使用で寿命です。iPad はもう4年も使っていて、こちらは使えています。



My Apple Pencil is out of order! I can no longer charge. Since it was purchased in January 2020, it has a life of two and a half years. I've been using the iPad for 4 years now and I'm using it. I haven't used a spare pen tip yet, so I asked Apple to repair it for the time being. If you repair it, it will cost 10,800 yen, which is the same price as when you purchased it, and if you purchase a new one, it will cost 14,880 yen. I was surprised that it was so high! !! .. Otherwise, I couldn't draw a digital image, so I had no choice but to request repairs.It's a painful expense again.

After that :: Repair request on 7/16, Apple shipment on 7/17, luggage arrived on 7/18, and it is completed by exchanging the actual item on the spot. I didn't have to go out for repairs because I only had to deliver it to Mr. Kuroneko. Thank you.





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