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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

撮影してみて‥  Take a picture ...

アトリエに来る鳥たちを撮影してみて‥ なかなか難しいなと感じました。

When I took a picture of the birds coming to the atelier, I found it quite difficult.

今までは iphone での撮影が多かったのですが、最近はデジタル一眼レフとズームレンズで撮影してます。ズームで大きく撮れるのはいいんですが、オートフォーカスだと狙ったところにピントが合いにくくてマニュアルでトライしてみてます。

Until now, I used to shoot with an iphone, but recently I've been shooting with a digital SLR and a zoom lens. It's nice to be able to take a big picture with the zoom, but with autofocus it's hard to focus on the target, so I'm trying manually.




However, the birds move around so quickly that it is difficult to chase them with a lens and they quickly lose sight of them. In addition, if the focusing is manual, it will not be easy to focus. I'll make some corrections, but only about 10% of the photos I can show are for the number of shots. I have to get used to it quickly.





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