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快適! Comfortable!

アトリエのエアコンを変えました!。I changed the air conditioner in my atelier!



The reason is that the heating is not working! . No matter how many times I repaired it and took various measures, it still didn't work, so I just put up with it and used it. For example, even if you set the remote control to 22 degrees, the temperature below the front is only about 17 degrees, and other places are even colder. Raising the temperature setting would improve the temperature to some extent, but I'm worried about the electricity bill and can't raise it. The operating sound is very exciting. My previous air conditioner had a 10-year warranty, so I was patient and ended up using it for 10 years and a few months, and even though it was still usable as a machine, I ended up replacing it. Up until now, I had been careful about the edges of the room, but I took the opportunity to have the new air conditioner installed as close to the center of the room as possible. The result was very correct! , the airflow around the area is good, the whole room gets warmer, and it starts up faster. Additionally, the temperature setting is in 0.5 degree increments, so you can make subtle adjustments. I haven't checked the electricity bill yet, but I wonder what it will be like. .





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