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庭のいろいろ! Various things in the garden!



Finally in February! I started weeding the garden in my atelier. I left it alone all summer because there were a lot of mosquitoes and it was hot. I get tired if I do it every day, so I take a few days off and relax and weed while watching the weather. When I say how long it took, I guess I finished weeding about half of the garden and ended up with a total of 15 garbage bags. . Before that, I pruned the hedge on the road (west) side and there were 6 bags. If you remove all the plants that were growing on the ground, the plants that were originally growing on the ground will appear. I was finally able to go out into the sun for the first time in about 5 months. . By then, the daffodils were already blooming. There are also camellia and tea trees in the garden. The stone buttercups are almost finished flowering. Weeding continues! And we are also waiting for the pruning of the south and east hedges. We also have to weed and clean the ditch on the north side, which will be a pain for a while.





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