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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

展示会は無事?終了! Is the exhibition safe? end!

「 DE.MO 」lifestyle 展も会期は無事?終了しました。


ギャラリーのあるミラノはとても歴史がある古い街、でもそこは、いつでもデザインの最先端を行っています。タイトルの「 DE.MO 」の文字の順序を入れ替えると「 MO.DE 」、そうファッションになります。ファッションとアートの境が無くなり融合が進んでいるようです。そんな街で展示できる事は夢のようです。

ギャラリーの展示期間は終わってしまいましたが、このウエブサイトの DE.MO lifestyle ページにリンクとビデオが埋め込んであります、暫くはこちらでお楽しみください。このページは暫く残しておきます。

ここでは ogasun の出展作品「 more peace 」のフルバージョンをお楽しみください。

Is the "DE.MO" lifestyle exhibition safe? Finished. I can't go to the exhibition at the gallery I've never been to, of course, because of my physical condition. I'm looking at the gallery through the screen, but it's strange. Milan, with its galleries, is a very historic old town, but it's always at the forefront of design. If you change the order of the letters "DE.MO" in the title, it becomes "MO.DE", which is fashionable. It seems that the boundary between fashion and art has disappeared and fusion is progressing. It's like a dream to be able to exhibit in such a city. The gallery's exhibition period is over, but the DE.MO lifestyle page on this website has links and videos embedded in it, so please enjoy it for a while. I will leave this page for a while. Enjoy the full version of ogasun's exhibit "more peace" here.





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