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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

展示に参加しています! I am participating in the exhibition!

2021年  9月 9日から開催しています展示会に参加のお知らせです。M.A.D.S ART GALLERY さんの DE.MO lifestyle イタリアのミラノとスペインのフエルテベントゥーラでと、ウェブ上でもみられます。9/9から9/24まで。



私、 ogasun は最近のアナログとデジタルの写真をスライドショーに仕立てて新たに録ったヒーリングミュージックつけています。長さは4分55秒です。


I am pleased to announce that we will participate in the exhibition that has been held since September 9, 2021.M.A.D.S ART GALLERYDE.MO lifestyle You can see it in Milan, Italy and Fuerte Ventura, Spain, and also on the web. From 9 to 24 September. This time, it's interesting to participate in the exhibition at the digital gallery for the first time and deliver the data by e-mail, isn't it? It's all done at home. Remote now in fashion! .. It seems that you can see it freely on the touch screen in the field. You can see that the original picture is wonderful, but you can also see the roughness that you can see freely by zooming in and out on the screen! ,Unpalatable! .. I, ogasun, have recently recorded healing music in a slideshow of recent analog and digital photos. The length is 4 minutes 55 seconds. You can also see the gallery website, PR videos, exhibitors and their works, so please have a look if you have time. Details are linked to the event page of my website (next page of information).





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