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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

大雪! Heavy snow!



Yesterday, January 24th, it had been snowing on and off since noon. Will it accumulate a little in the evening? It felt like that, but I was surprised when I woke up in the morning! ! Even in the garden of my atelier, more than 5 centimeters of dirt had piled up. It's the first heavy snow this winter and the first in a long time. Oh my God! Despite this situation, I went for a walk. It's surprisingly not that cold, but be careful when driving on the roads! There were some spots that were black and icy, so I was careful and made it safely, although I slipped at times. At Ao-no-yama in Rinkai Park, there was about 10 centimeters of snow, which surprised me. The paths in the park and the usual walking paths were surprisingly safe and there was almost no snow. The trees were completely white because of the strong wind! It was beautiful, like frost-covered trees. It was icy and dangerous to cross the road where regular cars were passing. It seems like commuting to and from school is difficult, how was it for you? I wish you all the safe.





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