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土用の前に Before Doyo




From tomorrow (1/17), I will be in the midsummer period, so I cleaned up the pruning waste from the other day. I think it's okay if you don't mess with the soil, but just in case. The garden was also clean. This time it was 6 bags. Every morning throughout the year, I feed rice to the bird feeders in my atelier for Mr. Sparrow's breakfast. In this season, I cut the ripe sudachi in half and give it to the feeder. I haven't pecked too much if there is still food elsewhere. Brown-eared bulbuls and Japanese white-eyes often come here. When they have the least food, they also nibble on their skin. This year, I tried feeding leftover goji berries and binang vine berries to the feeder, and they seem to be more popular. When I eat apples, I put the peeled skins and the removed cores on the feeder, and they eat them too. Are wild birds visiting your home? .





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