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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

久しぶりの愛車を運転! My car after a long absence!



もともと車の運転は好きで、現在の愛車はFit2 HIBRID RS で6MTに乗ってます。マニュアル車の運転は楽しいです。シートもレカロに換えていて疲れ知らず。今のところは5時間ぐらいしかコンタクトレンズを嵌めていられないのであまり遠くへは行けませんが、様子見で少しずつ運伝を楽しみたいです。


Since February, my left eye has been sick and I have been unable to wear contact lenses. During that time, I lived only with my right eye. My right eye isn't in good shape, and I can only wear contact lenses for about 5 hours. If it's bad, it's totally NG! Naked eye vision is 0.01-0.02, and corrected visual acuity is only 0.7-0.9. I was scared of one eye and kept refraining from driving. This week, I finally got the doctor's permission! It's been 4 months. I've always liked driving, and my current car is a Fit2 HIBRID RS with a 6MT. Driving a manual car is fun. I changed the seat to Recaro so I didn't get tired. At the moment, I can only wear contact lenses for about 5 hours, so I can't go too far, but I'd like to enjoy the luck little by little while watching. I still often stay in my atelier, so if you have time, please come and visit me.





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