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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

不思議? Wonder?



Yesterday was a sunny day and I didn't have a cold, so I decided to weed in the afternoon! ! So I started weeding the garden in my atelier. As I continued weeding, dead leaves were blown all over the place, so I drew them out from among the trees and plants and swept them up to keep them clean. The result of about an hour's work was one garbage bag, so thank you for your hard work, Ogasan.

Then, when I checked the weather forecast in the evening, it was predicted to rain tomorrow! I see! I'm glad I was able to clean it up before the rain started. After that, I suddenly got curious and checked the internet, and it's winter doyo starting tomorrow, the 18th! Well, that's right, the world is going well. By the way, please note that the festival is closed until February 3rd.





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