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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

プチドライヴ! Petit drive!


場所は碧南市の一番南の端の「 タントぴあ 」です。ご存知の通りの中部電力火力発電所の併設施設になります。タントぴあには昔々に何度か行ったことありますが、隣のタントぴあヒーリングガーデンは行ったことないような記憶があります。

平日なのでかお客様はほとんどおらず ゆっくりと散策できました。意外と?素敵な公演でしたよ、みな様もこちらにお越しの際は立ち寄ってみてくださいな、のんびりできますよ!。

The weather was so good that I went for a short drive while shopping. The location is "Tantopia" at the southernmost end of Hekinan City. As you know, it will be a facility attached to the Chubu Electric Power Thermal Power Station. I have been to Tantopia several times in the past, but I have a memory that I have never been to the Tantopia Healing Garden next door. Since it was a weekday, there were few customers and I was able to take a leisurely stroll. Surprisingly? It was a wonderful performance, everyone, please stop by when you come here, you can relax! .





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