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ショック! shock!






皆さまもお掃除してますか?I've always had a regular vacuum cleaner, but now what? I took a leap of faith and bought a cyclone vacuum cleaner. Speaking of cleaning, I usually only use a mop once a week to get things sloppy here and there. I know that vacuuming or wiping it with a rag will clean it up, but it's a pain to use a vacuum cleaner, so I rarely use a vacuum cleaner, so I used a wet mop instead of a rag. I saw a little advertisement the other day and it was cheaper than I expected, so I decided to buy it. So, since I bought it, I decided to try using it every day. Then! ! shock! ! Why? On the first day, I thoroughly vacuumed everywhere, so I thought there would be no dust for a while, but I was surprised to find that a lot of dust was gathering every day. It's a culture shock, I don't know what was going on until now. I'm barefoot now, so the feel of my feet on the floor is nice. I'll continue it a little longer. Are you cleaning too?





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