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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

アトリエの庭の餌台  Atelier garden bait stand


The feeding table in the atelier's garden this season looks like this.


何年か前からは半分に切って餌台にあげてます。一月に入るとまず一個をあげるのですが、まだまだ他に餌があるのかあまり突きません。しかし2月に入ると他食べ物fが少ないのか結構減るので毎日3個ずつあげてます。3月になっていろいろ他に出てくるとまた人気がなくなります。昨年も実は足りてたので今年も大丈夫かな?。メインはヒヨドリでメジロも食べているようです。 It looks like a mandarin orange, but it's actually a ripe sudachi fruit. I don't use it even if a lot of fruits are produced, so I leave it as it is. It started to color in winter and now it looks like this. From a few years ago, I cut it in half and put it on the feeding table. In January, I'll give you one, but I don't really know if there is more food. However, in February, the number of other foods f is low, so I give 3 of them every day. It will become less popular again in March when it comes out in various other places. It was enough last year, so is it okay this year as well? .. The main is a bulbul, and it seems that they also eat white-eye.





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