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やっと完了! Finally done!


There is a fence in the garden of the atelier. The fence on the west side is along the road, so I prune it twice a year in spring and autumn to prevent it from looking too unsightly. The fence on the south side is difficult to prune because it is on the border with the neighboring house. In addition, I have given up pruning in spring and autumn and have been pruning in winter at this time because some beehives have been formed in the last few years. In winter, there are no bees, so you can mow with confidence. Yesterday and today are sunny and not very windy, so it's a perfect day for pruning. It took about three and a half hours over two days to complete the pruning. I'm a little relieved, but it's still hard to clean up after. I mow it all the time, so I can't quite clean it up. I will come back later.





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