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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

なるべく避けてるーその2  I avoid it as much as possible-Part 2



食品添加物もそうですが、最近はなるべく店頭の表示やパッケージに記入している内容をみて選んでます。みなさまも一度考えてみてはいかがでしょうか?。加工食品など読むのが嫌になるぐらい長々と書かれているのがあります。それを全部理解して納得できたら・・ 無理ですよね。原材料の産地が書かれてないのもありますが、値段を見ればおそらく推測できますよね。


Foreign foods are avoided as much as possible! As much as possible, I try to choose domestic products when they are domestic products. Considering the environmental load such as transportation costs. Of course not all. In particular, As with food additives, these days I choose by looking at the labels on the storefront and what is written on the packaging. Why don't you think about it once? ..It is written so long that you don't want to read processed foods. If you understand all of that and are convinced ... it's impossible. The origin of the raw material may not be written, but you can probably guess by looking at the price. I am shopping while consulting with my wallet and body.





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