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なるべく避けてるーその1 I avoid it as much as possible-Part 1


なるべく避けてるのはうま味調味料!I avoid umami seasonings as much as possible! ..

時々「 おこわ 」を買ってきて食べるのですが、その時にごま塩をかけて食べるのが好きなんです。ある時市販のごま塩の袋の裏を見ると調味料(アミノ酸)が入っていることに気づきました。調味料(アミノ酸)とはうま味調味料のことです。

ごま塩にも入っている?? てっきり黒ゴマと塩だけで出来っていると思ってました。確かに塩味と旨味はしますが胡麻の香りはイマイチせず。

うま味調味料の「 うまさ 」を美味しく味わっている??なんか変ですよね!。




Sometimes I buy "Okowa" and eat it, but at that time I like to sprinkle salt and pepper on it. One day, when I looked at the back of a bag of salt and pepper on the market, I noticed that it contained seasonings (amino acids). Seasonings (amino acids) are umami seasonings. Is it also in sesame salt? ?? I thought it was made entirely of black sesame seeds and salt. Sure, it tastes salty and delicious, but the aroma of sesame is not good. Are you tasting the umami seasoning "Umasa"? ?? It's kind of weird! .. After that, I carefully look at the label and purchase various foods so as not to take it as much as possible. However, what you have to be careful about is that no food additives are added! Some of them contain yeast extract and protein hydrolyzate even if they do not contain seasonings (amino acids). These two are the same umami seasoning. There are various kinds of processed foods, so it may be good if you take a little care.





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